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The company's expansion has been built entirely on the market success of its products, a testament to their ongoing quality and continued relevance to current business requirements. The company continues to invest heavily on new product development to remain ahead of the competition and continue to offer existing clients the benefit of the latest advances in software development and service excellence.

To keep Hardcat as the market leader in asset management software, we understand that our products have to always be evolving and incorporating the latest technologies. Our software is driven by, not only our own vision, but by the vision of our client base and their requirements. Enhancement requests are logged and if approved then incorporated into the new Hardcat releases.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and make time and cost saving changes for our users. Each year we host a user group which gathers together our clients and enables us to show the enhancements that are included in the most recent version and also the key developments currently in the pipeline. The user group is a wonderful opportunity to meet the Hardcat team and give feed back on what features you would like to see in our asset tracking software.

Hardcat Pty Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiaries Hardcat Inc. (USA) and Hardcat Limited (UK) are widely regarded as a world leader in fixed asset management solutions.

The Company develops the renowned Hardcat fixed asset management software application and also has a highly successful Business Services division that provides a wide range of asset auditing services, asset data capture services, consulting, training, and other related services.

Hardcat was founded by current Managing Director and President Dan Drum in Melbourne, Australia in 1986. With its innovative new products gaining immediate market acceptance the company grew rapidly and within just four years had expanded to the United Kingdom, securing a range of clients from Harrods to the Ministry of Defence.

From there Hardcat launched into the United States, winning business with clients such as the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Niagara Mohawk Power, before incorporating in New York in 2000. During this time, the company has also appointed resellers in various other countries around the world including New Zealand, Canada, the UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Hardcat's asset management software has been sold to literally thousands of the world's most prestigious corporate and government entities in about 50 countries worldwide, and there are Hardcat representatives based in every corner of the globe. A quick glance at our Client List confirms that Hardcat is a leader in its field, chosen by market leaders for the very best in fixed asset management.


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