Powerful Asset Knowledge At Your Fingertips

The Asset Register Module is the core of the Hardcat Asset Management System, and provides the foundation for optional add-on modules to extend functionality. It's designed to collect and deliver in-depth information through easy to use and easy to customise features.

Information can be recorded into any of the following categories, as well as sub-catgories which can be created to suit your fixed asset management needs:

  • Product description

  • Asset type

  • Supplier

  • Location

  • Cost or profit centre or customer name

  • Employee/owner

  • Leased/owned

  • Asset condition

  • Purchase price

  • Insurance value

  • Warranty information

  • End of life

  • Global user definable fields for all assets

  • As well as 9,999 user definable fields per asset type

Detailed reporting is at your fingertips. There are hundreds of standard reports within Hardcat. As well as these out-of-the-box reports, the user is able to create custom reports incorporating any field within Hardcat, even user-defined fields.

  • Return on investment

  • Costs and risks

  • Productivity

  • Asset-related decision making

  • Asset service delivery responsiveness

  • Revenue

  • Cost of ownership

The asset register module can handle any type of asset as well as any attribute associated with that asset type.