Extend The Hardcat Solution To Your Whole Organisation

The Web Module does not replace your current Hardcat asset management system, it compliments it. By installing the Hardcat Web Module you are able to disseminate Hardcat data to remote locations with complete security. It simply sits on top of your current system.

The Hardcat Web Module enables you to extend the Hardcat fixed asset management solution throughout your organisation, without exposing the full functionality of the traditional Hardcat client/server Windows application.

Now Hardcat reporting is available to key stakeholders who may wish to access reports, without having to install the Windows client on their desktop or learn how to navigate through the various Hardcat modules to locate the relevant data.I

Increased visibility of the comprehensive Hardcat database via the web browser will allow a host of benefits, including:

  • Greater oversight and accountability for assets

  • Better responsiveness to their care and maintenance

  • Reduction in information bottlenecks

  • More rapid and timely update of basic asset data such as current location

  • Smart options to allow administrators to tailor that access to suit user requirements and capabilities

HardcatWeb users can simply select a report and a predefined search criteria to apply to any business query, e.g. Report: Assets by Location, Search: Leased IT assets only.