Save Time With Depreciation Calculations and Reporting

Hardcat's Depreciation Module boasts unparalleled flexibility both in structure and reporting to allow virtually any depreciation scenario to be handled.

Unlike other depreciation solutions, non-depreciable assets such as leased items can be maintained in the same asset database and appear in an asset listing without appearing in the depreciation schedule.

It is also possible for other asset register users (e.g. IT staff, maintenance staff) to have their own asset classification system without affecting the asset type structure set up for depreciation purposes.

Advanced security ensures against non-finance staff accidentally changing any financial asset values or structures.

Hardcat's Depreciation Module offers considerable time savings with depreciation calculations and corporate reporting:

  • Easy to use and highly configurable - add, change or dispose of assets, including reversing disposals

  • Run a depreciation calculation as many times within a period as you need

  • Easy transfer of data to and from popular spreadsheet and other applications.

  • New assets are automatically adopted into the correct depreciation class

  • Automate the delivery of PDFs or Excel spread sheets containing depreciation information via email in a consistent and timely manner

  • Simple access - Disseminate depreciation values across the organisation, filtered accordingly, via HardcatWeb

  • Fraction of the cost of large ERPs

  • There are multiple books within the system, allowing the user to cater for Tax, Book as well as forecast future depreciation runs. The user will never run out of possibilities as the system caters for 9,999 different sets

  • It is the only regulatory compliant software of its kind and permits 'what if' scenarios

  • Able to be integrated with large ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, etc.