Improve Your Service Management & Reduce Your Costs

The Hardcat Help Desk Module allows a single integrated solution to manage:

  • IT service management

  • Facilities Management Help Desk

  • Health and Safety Incident Management

  • Complaints and Resolution System 

  • Fault logging, reporting and resolution

  • Change management

  • Technical knowledge base

Hardcat's unique domain structure allows multiple help desk operations to be run from the one database utilising the one list of assets, locations and people. 

No longer does your organisation need to have multiple systems to provide service management.  

A variety of tools are included to allow problem diagnosis (and possible user correction) prior to sending a technician out on site. A key system benefit is the ability to escalate problems and calculate the down-time for performance statistics on assets, asset types and suppliers.

Change management requests can be accurately tracked with a complete audit trail.

The Help Desk Module also allows you to track all service calls and actions taken along with costs. It contains a knowledge base and comprehensive reporting, and provides you with an effective means to immediately respond to Help Desk inquiries and satisfy your internal constituencies.

Integration with the Stock Module facilitates the management of critical spares and consumables ensuring that staff have the right stock on hand to complete the tasks vital to the smooth operation of your business.  

Other Help Desk Module benefits include:

  • Reduced Help Desk staff - Self resolution via knowledge base

  • Retained knowledge base - Impact of the turnover of key Help Desk staff is dramatically reduced

  • Stop wastage by maintaining assets under warranty - Hardcat highlights assets requiring maintenance that are still under warranty. This prevents your employees from spending time and money maintaining assets that are the responsibility of the supplier.

  • Stop wastage by maintaining assets with no value - Hardcat highlights assets requiring maintenance that have a low or no value. Thus preventing the user from spending time and money maintaining assets that should be replaced.