Optimise Your Stock Levels For Maximum Productivity

The Hardcat Stock Control Module allows users to track stock (e.g. stationery, office supplies) and consumables (e.g. toner cartridges, spare parts, engine oil, etc).

As well as allowing the user to know where stock is located and the quantity, this module will also keep track of how, when and what quantity of stock is used for what purposes.

The module allows the user to maintain optimum stock levels (not too high not too low) as well as a complete history of pricing changes. It permits one to track, re-order, move, change and report on stock or consumables.

A simple, online database of stock inventory with a range of asset management benefits:

  • Ensuring you're not overstocking or understocking

  • Audit trail of stock usage

  • Automatic reorder of stock based upon usage

  • Ensuring critical spares (eg for machinery used in production) are always available in the event of breakdown.

  • Simple and effective budget management

  • Caters for multiple foreign currencies

  • User defined purchasing limits

The Stock Module allows the user to maintain optimum stock levels as well as a complete history of pricing changes.

Integration between the Stock Module and Hardcat's Maintenance and Help Desk functionalities allows an organisation to know what spare parts are critical to avoid loss of productivity in the event of equipment breakdown.

Having an accurate inventory of spares allows an organisation to immediately effect repairs, rather than wait for the appropriate parts to arrive. Unscheduled down time is costly for any business.