Automate Your Asset Auditing & Improve Accuracy

By automating time intensive asset audits and data collection, the Hardcat Tagging Module offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets - from desks, chairs and large mainframe computers, to fax machines, photocopiers, modems, PCs, portables and mobile phones.

Information is recorded via a hand-held barcode reader (a Motorola PDA) running an application called "CatScan" specially designed by Hardcat to enable the system user to collect data efficiently, accurately and in an organized and efficient format.

Using predefined lists of various criteria, based on your organization's unique structure and requirements, Hardcat's PDA-based solution allows:

  • Consistency of captured data

  • Rapid selection of criteria in drop-down lists or barcode scan-able fields

  • Facility to create new criteria "on the fly"

  • Achievable near-perfect accuracy

  • The amount of time lost through human error to be reduced to an absolute minimum

  • The capture of GPS coordinates

  • Photographs to be attached to the asset record to identify the asset or to record the condition of the asset

  • Comprehensive in-situ exception reporting

  • On-the-spot investigation of what's still to be audited or sighted... no matter what type of asset... parent or child

Having a complete online picture library of your assets allows you to make informed decisions relating to asset purchases and can reduce your insurance premiums by more than 30%.

  • Automated data collection

  • Total asset visibility

  • Instant asset tracking

  • Quick, simple to use & accurate

  • Labour, time & cost efficient

  • Improved asset security

We Can Provide Hardware As Well

taml will supply you with the complete solution. Our consultants will look at your requirements and source the hardware or barcodes to suit your requirements.

Barcode Readers
  • Handheld Barcode Readers (many various models)

  • Online Barcode Readers (both connected as well as Wireless & Bluetooth)

Barcode Labels
  • Laminated

  • Plastic

  • Aluminium

  • Steel

RFID readers
  • Hand Held Readers

  • Fixed Readers

RFID tags
  • Paper

  • Plastic

  • Steel

Catscan provides Asset Capture and Audit functionality in on-line of offline mode. 

Zebra MC55 PDA used for Catscan. Rugged, reliable and with a long battery life