You've made your investment in Hardcat and Total Asset Management Training services will ensure that the system provides long lasting benefits. 

We offer training in a variety of ways on-site, on-line, Hardcat How To and Feature Focus videos and our highly specialised custom training video. 


Onsite Hardcat training provides the user with focused and details user training. Onsite training is used primarily for new systems, after major upgrades or where a new key user has been appointed.


If you just need some pointers to a new feature or an quick update for a casual user on-line training can be provided on-line.

Where possible we use a copy of your database so what you get trained in is what you use every day.    


Hardcat provides on-line how-to videos called Hardcat Feature Focus. These can be used for feature specific training and to review new Hardcat features. 

custom video

TAML produces customised training video that can be used to train new staff on basic functions such as how to log a work request, move an asset or create a purchase order.