Take Control Of Your Procurement Process

The Hardcat Procurement Module offers comprehensive management control of all order processing of assets, stock and services, from budgeting, purchase order, goods delivery, to invoicing and final disposal.

By entering purchase order information directly into Hardcat, users can see at a glance what is on order are on order, the cost, what has been received and order that are overdue.

Promotes savings through:

  • Control of receipt of goods

  • Knowledge of outstanding orders

  • Prevent over ordering

  • Knowledge of payments to be made

  • Seamless integration between the purchasing and receipt of goods into the asset register and stock modules

  • Ensuring that the correct stock levels are maintained (avoid short orders or surplus orders)

  • Budget management

A very powerful online "cradle to grave" purchasing system which allows employees to request items, route them to management for approval and then records receipt of assets into the core asset register.

Automate administrative tasks such as:

  • Purchasing costs, VAT/GST administration & price totals

  • Foreign Exchange ordering and management. 

  • Templates for standard purchase order entries

  • Asset tracking and association with different cost centres & budgets

  • Automatic re-order function for stock when quantity levels are reached

  • Integration at an invoice level into most ERP Accounts Payable systems.