Take Control & Be In Touch Anywhere, Anytime

The Hardcat Smartphone App is referred to as MiCat. MiCat is free and ready for you to download.

MiCat allows the following functions:

  • Create, view and edit work orders on the iPhone or Android app

  • Works in a 'live' connected stage to the Hardcat database so any work performed is reflected back on the Hardcat database straightaway

  • Covers 75% of work order managements activities that can be performed from the traditional Hardcat software

  • Full integration with the smartphone camera

  • Access to work order presets, actions, details and much more....

  • Create work orders out on the job when unscheduled/immediate repairs are identified.

  • Real-time job allocation - Jobs can be raised in the head office and will show up on the smartphone of engineers' who are already on-site

  • No need to perform manual upload/download of data from the Hardcat database

  • Real-time job status updates.

  • Offline function that allows users to function where there is no network connectivity. 

What it means to you:

  • Schedule and create work orders from the Hardcat system

  • Allocate work orders to individual or groups of maintenance staff

  • Provide external contractors or engineers with MiCat phone app access to view only their work orders

  • Allocate work orders to 'external contractors' (individuals or group)

  • Contractors can see their work schedules at all times

  • Complete the task and update any information in real time while in the field

  • The system administrator has full visibility of all real-time maintenance activity

  • Reduce the paperwork and associated time consuming follow-up activities

  • Cost Savings!