Establishing an accurate list of assets is the foundation of any asset management solution. 

data capture

The TAML Data Capture is your first step towards an Environment of Certainty, and is required when your asset register is currently unreconciled, or you lack confidence in its integrity.  The process involves Hardcat CatScan, asset barcode or RFID labels and scanners to set up and create an accurate register of assets.  It is achieved by visiting agreed locations, attaching labels to assets, and capturing the details of each asset at that location.  This ensures a high degree of accuracy in your resulting asset register.

Once the system is in place the registers accuracy can be maintained by performing regular Audits. 


The TAML Reconciliation system is a highly developed reconciliation database used to match records from one data source to another. Capable of creating one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one reconciliations the system is a vital tool when transferring data from one asset register to another where a asset data capture has been performed.  


Once you have an accurate list of assets there must be a regular audit process for ensuring that the accuracy of the list is maintained. 

There are many ways of auditing assets in Hardcat such as doing it yourself or TAML doing it for you.

Contact us for more details on which is the best audit strategy for your organisation.