If you are using the Hardcat Asset Management System you have at your disposal a range of proven tools for the collection of data to start and maintain your asset management plan.

Using these tools the user can eliminate double entry of data and also eliminate the task of transposing the asset data from a manual recording process into assets in the Hardcat system.  


CatScan is a PDA based asset audit and capture system with associated Reactive and Planned Maintenance recording systems that is perfect for the capture of information that is the foundation of the asset management plan.

The data capture fields can be customised allowing specific information to be collected including Make and Model, Serial Number, Condition, Financial Information, Preset Questions (User defined fields), text and images.  

The Planned Maintenance or Help Desk modules in CatScan can be used to record defects for immediate repair (Help Desk) or deferred maintenance (Planned Maintenance) and automatically updated into the core Hardcat system.   

Using rugged Zebra Windows Mobile Devices, CatScan is able to be operated in off-line and on-line modes making it ideal for capturing data where conditions require a rugged device, where there is limited connectivity via wireless or cellular networks or where long periods of activity without charging are required. 


Hardcat MiCat is an Android or iOS application that runs on smartphones and tablets. MiCat is perfect for assessing small numbers of assets and maintaining the asset management plan where there is good wireless or cellular network connectivity. 

A wide range of information can be updated using MiCat however this is not as extensive as permitted by CatScan.   

MiCat is downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store   

Hardcat Web

HardcatWeb is used where there data entry is going to be significant either at the asset where Hardcat Web can be accessed via a laptop or tablet or for updating financial data remotely after the completion of the initial assessment phase. 

Featuring a customisable user interface HardcatWeb is combined with the Hardcat Roles and Groups functions to present users with a list of the assets that they are responsible for including in the asset management plan.   



Cost Effective Data Collection

Smart systems, fast results. Let us configure your Hardcat Systems to capture the information you need for your asset management plan.