Total Asset Management can manage your Asset Management Plan project for you using the considerable capability of the Hardcat Asset Management system and our expertise in both project management and the asset management process.

Our approach to asset management planning is a clearly delineated, stage by stage and template driven process that can be applied to any organisation regardless of the types of assets employed or the industry.

The TAML implementation process starts with an on-line project management template that details every step in the process. This template is updated to include your staff, locations and asset types and manages the project, document control, project communications and issue resolution.   

A critical part of the project is identifying the people who will fit the roles as described in Getting Started. In particular Specialists must be identified and engaged for the project. 

The asset management project plan includes the project templates - Priority, Risk Rating, Condition Rating and Fit for Purpose that form the basis of the assessment. The templates can be accepted as is and incorporated into your Hardcat system or adjusted to suit your specific requirements.  

Using the Hardcat tools available (MiCat, CatScan, Hardcat Web), ensures that the data capture process is consistent, eliminates double handling (paper to spreadsheet to Hardcat) and is time efficient. Staff and outside specialists are trained in the use of the technology that is configured to incorporate the data required to complete assessments of the asset types beyond the standard asset management template outlined above.

Defect reports are also loaded as Work Orders at source including images of defects and the actions required to complete the rectification or rehabilitation of assets to an satisfactory operating standard. 

Beyond the portable technology Hardcat provides targeted web based access allowing users to view and maintain the assets that they are responsible for assessing - limiting what they can see and do - while allowing them to update relevant data without the need to transcribe from multiple sources.

Reporting from Hardcat is user defined and can fit the requirements of the organisation and includes the ability to extract data for modelling in spreadsheets. Alternatively any ODBC compliant reporting tool can be used to sit over the Hardcat database to produce analysis of the data as and when required.    

The implementation of the asset management plan is completed when all the assets are incorporated into the plan, reporting and analysis systems are in place, regular assessment procedures and developed and any necessary impairments or life reassessments are reflected in the financial systems.     



Creating an Asset Management Plan

Using our skills and systems to produce an asset management plan that is easy to maintain, has ownership from the whole organisation, and provides and sound platform for asset related decisions.