Getting the Message Out

Communication is the key to any successful Help Desk. This is between clients, the service desk, the technicians who attend to the request and even outside agencies who may be involved in the resolution of a service request. 

The Hardcat help Desk and the Alert function provides a highly flexible communication framework that and communicate to various parties including caller, engineer, supervisor, and virtually any other person in the Hardcat system based on criteria defined by the user.

The Alert can relate to anything from the creation of a work request with specific characteristics to a general notification to a group of users. 

Alerts which are generated by a "trigger" are different to a Notification which is another communication function within Hardcat. Notifications are generated from a time based schedule. For example all work requests that are overdue can be reported on an sent to supervisors and managers. The reports can be sent as PDF fixed or custom reports or as excel ready data.