Understanding your business

Implementing a new Help Desk system can have a wide impact on an organisation. By the very nature of the process Facilities, Information Technology, Health and Safety, Complaints help or services desks often have a customer base of every person in the organisation and most staff will avail themselves of the either directly by requesting service themselves or indirectly through a supervisor working on their behalf.

The way in which TAML approaches the implementation therefore starts not with the software but with the processes that are needed, as unlike a lot of systems, Hardcat fits to your organisation and not the other way around.

We start by researching your requirements and environment and establish a picture of the way in which the processes currently works.

  • What sort of service requests are you receiving?

  • Who is making the requests and how are they making them?

  • Who receives the request? 

  • Who attends to the request and how are they notified? 

  • Is mobile solution required? 

  • What response times are required? 

  • What performance measures do you need?

  • What reporting is required and when is it required?

Once we have the current processes defined and documented we then move to the next stage of the implementation.

Using the processes from the first stage as the basis the implementation then identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the existing process and creates an revised process that reflects they way in which the organisation wants to work. 

The project then starts populating the system with the necessary structures to support the process.

  • Request Types

  • Locations

  • Support Staff

  • Clients

  • Assets

If there is an existing Hardcat implementation there may be changes to the structure to support the Help Desk and an asset audit may be required to update the list of assets that are being supported.

This is also the time where the Hardcat Active Directory Interface and Hardware and Software interfaces can be implemented to keep the clients and IT inventory up to date.

When all the structures and assets are loaded you are ready to go with you Hardcat Help Desk.  

Go Live

Dependent on the size of the organisation and the previous processes the Go Live is often best done as a transition. 

For example if user job logging has not been done in the past it may be best to ensure that the support staff side of the operation is working smoothly i.e. Engineers are receiving jobs and communication system are working correctly before client side logging is enabled. 

Once the support side operation is running correctly then the client functions are then enabled and rolled out to users.