Comprehensive Setup Service

Many of our clients do not have the resource available to setup their Hardcat Preventive Maintenance module as it can be a very large project encompassing a wide range of activities and locations.

TAML offers clients a full setup service covering all aspects of the Preventive Maintenance and Compliance Management functions.  

What do we do?

Firstly we ask all the questions we need and gather all the information required to setup the system and ensure that all the tasks are loaded and fully documented. , We audit all the assets involved and update all the details needed to complete the setup.

Resource Analysis

We then identify all the resources you need including staff, external contractors and parts and consumables and then ensure that everything required to perform the tasks is available.    

What do you need to do?

The process will require you to make decisions around who to use for tasks and to ensure that there is sufficient budget and resource available to complete the tasks.        


Going Live?  

The implementation process progressively hands over the reins of day to day operation as each class of asset is setup. To enable this we provide you system administrator with a high level of training and assist them as required until the system is fully functioning.  

If you don't have the administrative resource to run your CMMS you can talk to us about administering the system for with outsourcing service. .    .