The upgrade may involve significant changes to the full client including the development environment. This will need to be tested to ensure that the client desktops operate under the various ways in which the desktop is delivered. Hardcat can locally installed or by various thin client options such as Citrix, VMWare or Remote Desktop. 


HardcatWeb is the fastest way to deliver t to multiple users. 

The upgrade testing includes testing the installation under IIS and the inclusion of HardcatWeb in the corporate desktop.

Where automated emails are used these will need to be ested from the IIS Server. 


There are two Hardcat Mobility Solutions - the PDA based CatScan applications and the smartphone based MiCat.

The technical testing for CatScan is required to ensure the ongoing connectivity over the corporate WiFi and MiCat over the WiFi and cellular networks.   


The upgrade is a great time to review the server structure of the Hardcatv system and is the ideal time to change to a later version of SQL Server, to virtualise or to upgrade the IIS Server.

TAML can assist with the transfer as required.