Compliance Management is separated from Preventive Maintenance as a functions even though the processes are the same. The major differentiator being that Compliance Management is a legal requirement and there are often severe penalties from not meeting your obligations.

TAML has developed a practical approach to the Compliance Management implementation with a process that ensures you are able to meet you obligations.

As with CMMS we adopt a question based approach.  

What are your obligations?

We review the activities of the organisation and the asset base and match this with the various pieces of legislation. Building, Health and Safety and Environmental are common to most organisation however these may be extended to include Marine Safety and other industry specific requirements.

The process should include what is termed internal legislation which are the standards that the organisation sets for themselves in order to maintain a standard or operation or service.    

What assets are involved?

A comprehensive list of the assets that require compliance management must be compiled. This may involve the creation of elements such as licences and permits that are not physical assets as such.  

What needs to be done?

These are referred to as Tasks and follows the prescribed works to be undertaken as per the legislation. as there is little flexibility allowed        


Who is going to do it?  

Does the compliance require independent inspection or testing? Id not - do you have the right qualified staff? Can existing staff be trained to do the task? Do you have enough man-hours available? Do you need to engage external contractors to fill in the gaps? 

TAMl can guide you through this process or even do it all for you

Meeting your obligations