Hardcat 5.5 is Here

The latest release of Hardcat is here and has some really special features:

Hardcat Multi-language

Hardcat out of the box can support multiple languages. In addition, Hardcat fields and labels can also be customised to alternate English versions. This helps clients who refer to fields in Hardcat different in their operating environments. For example some users refer to a Problem as an Incident.

Custom Business Rules

Implemented a generic function that allows you to specify whether a field can be blank for any record in Hardcat, whether users are allowed to edit a field (for new/existing records) and also allows default values to be given to fields. Users can create a Business Rules that contains individual rules for fields. Similar to how Bulk Update specifications the user is able to pick an area and set the following attributes against a field:

  • Mandatory for new records (non-blank/non-zero)

  • Mandatory for existing records (non-blank/non-zero)

  • Can change value

Users can then assign a "Business Rule" to a Role in the same way you can assign Bulk Update Specifications to a Role. Search Specifications for Alerts

You are now able to apply search specifications to alert notifications such that an alert is triggered only for records that satisfy the search specification. For example you can create an alert for assets and apply that to assets of asset type = ‘Vehicles’. Enhanced User Traceability

Security in Hardcat has always been paramount. Hardcat includes functionality which has the ability to record a more detailed login history. This will allow Hardcat administrators to identify people who are non-compliant. Successful or failed login attempts will be tracked and have the ability to be reported on. The last login date and time is also recorded against the user in the login area. This enables you to determine the users that have logged into Hardcat within a given time frame or a search can be applied to restrict results to a more granular level

Restrict Products by People Roles

We have introduced a feature to restrict what products can be assigned to a Person. This will stop people being assigned assets not listed against their person role. It is perfect for organisations that have dangerous or restricted assets which can only be issued to certain people.

Data Types in Presets

Previous versions of Hardcat allowed the configuration and addition of preset questions against an asset record which would allow additional information about an Asset to be recorded. Hardcat has improved the presets function so that it now records the type of Preset which is beneficial for data entry and data integrity. (e.g a date preset must be entered as dd/mm/yyyy in order to be stored.)

A further enhancement to Typed Presets is the ability to enter a URL into a preset field, You can now store a link to a website, file or folder directory or UNC path and access resource by clicking on the hyperlink created. With this feature, users can easily access files, folders or websites related to an asset from a local or remote server location.

Hardcat Icon Colour Change

With the use of dark backgrounds in user interface becoming more common, users have reported it difficult to see the Hardcat application Icon from the dark background and Windows taskbar. To remedy this, we have provided the option to change the icon to one of several different colours.

Grid field Selection tied to Saved Searches Hardcat has now introduced an enhancement where Grid selections are now tied to saved search specifications. As you will most often require different fields to be visible depending on the data you are searching for.

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