Aged Care Asset Management

Looking after our senior citizens is one of the fastest growing industries in the world as well as being one of the most highly regulated. Hardcat asset management solutions include the flexibility and reliability to ensure that no stone is left unturned in ensuring that every asset is used, maintained and stored in compliance with regulations as well as being tracked in real time so that its location is always known.

The Issue

With demographic trends showing a doubling in the number of people aged over 65 requiring Aged Care services and the likelihood of current and future governments not agreeing to raise future public expenditure to meet this need, maintaining the status quo in Aged Care is just not an option.

Aged Care providers now have to do more with less and work smarter not longer. The Hardcat solution has been improving asset management worldwide since 1986. Hardcat’s best practice asset management reduces the total cost of asset ownership through improved tracking and reporting, increased compliance, better maintained assets and a more reliable infrastructure.

The Solution

The Hardcat solution is a unique world class asset management system that is a simple yet powerful tool to control your asset base. The major disciplines are Asset Manager, Maintenance Manager, Help Desk Manager and Procurement Manager, which simply integrate when and if the client elects to install all major disciplines. Hardcat can provide an organisation with a comprehensive enterprise wide asset management solution that will allow assets to be managed throughout its life cycle

The Benefits

• Reduce the risk of OH&S compliance

• Bring transparency to the organisation’s asset register

• Replace existing legacy systems with a mature asset management solution

• Replace any existing ineffective processes with a best practice asset management processes for purchasing, operational asset tracking & disposals

• Better understanding of assets so that you can make informed decisions about asset purchases and reduce your insurance premiums

Sample of Hardcat’s Aged Care Clients

Australian Unity Retirement Living Services - 15 villages and growing – before Hardcat each site had their own paper based system for tracking assets, stock and maintenance requirements, now this is all controlled by Hardcat’s total asset management solution. Hardcat has taken Australian Unity Retirement Living Services into the 21st century.

UnitingCare Ageing – 7 regions – Hardcat completed an asset data capture and reconciliation barcoding over 10,000 assets. Hardcat thanked for the thoroughness and professionalism of the job done.

Churches of Christ – 84 sites – Hardcat implementation included Barcoding, Maintenance, Help Desk and Web Interface modules. Users at individual sites access Hardcat via Web Interface for planned/scheduled and unplanned/adhoc asset maintenance activities.

Catholic Care – 8 Hostels, 1 Nursing Home and CentreCare Youth Disabilities operation – Hardcat is used to procure, track and maintain all assets.

Anglicare Tasmania – 6 sites across Tasmania all assets barcodes and depreciated using Hardcat’s asset management solution.

Glenview Nursing Home – 108 bed Residential Care Facility – Hardcat used to capture and barcode all assets and for scheduled and adhoc maintenance.

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