Emergency Services Equipment Management

Hardcat has an extensive solution for the management of assets and inventory in the emergency services and military sectors.

Click on the image to see the Emergency Services Brochure

The deployment of Hardcat can assist equipment managers in

1. Reducing risk to staff by ensuring that the right equipment is available for the tasks and in sound operating condition

2. Increasing the utilisation of equipment by ensuring that all equipment is tracked and returned to base after use.

3. Providing accountability for equipment by close tracking of issues and returns.

4. Improving governance over assets.

5. Establishing a complete chain of custody over equipment showing the full service and movement history.

6. Implementing a rigorous safety and inspection regime that ensures compliance and safety.

7. Facilitating the rapid issue and return of equipment while still maintaining accuracy and accountability.

Contact us for more information. Or click here for the Emergency Services Brochure

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